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Hopefully useful tips on using Adobe® PhotoShop® and other graphics software successfully.

Quilt Galleries Added

I’ve finally added some gallery pages to this blog.  They can be accessed via the tab above, or from the pages menu over on the left.

Thank goodness for WordPress and WordPress plug-ins.  I was able to put together a couple of small quilt galleries and post them on a new page without much fuss.  The most time consuming portion of the exercise was locating all the photos, and preparing a formatted for the web copy of each in Photoshop.  There is even a cute widget for the right column that displays three random pics every time the page is refreshed.  Fun.

Currently I am designing a portfolio website for an artist friend, and I spent the weekend playing with the various web photo gallery tools out there right now.  Lots of great stuff, but none of it seems to work with Adobe Dreamweaver very well.  It’s especially distressing to own all the latestCS4 tools and learn from the Adobe forums that Bridge generated photo galleries can not be “easily” incorporated into Dreamweaver pages.  Nor, according to the forums, is the “Create Web Photo Album” feature of Dreamweaver recommended by the Adobe Dreamweaver engineering team since apparently it has been many years since this feature has seen any “love”.  Importing any of the cool Fireworks Galleries also appears to be a non-starter. So I’m on to third-party tools or coding up something myself.  Flash is a non-starter for this particular website. Web design should not be so hard in 2009.

Lions, tigers, & color management…oh my!

This week’s winning Spoonflower fabric is by Rachel of MammaMade fame.


© MamaMade. used by permission

© Mamma Made Designs. Photo used by permission.


Rachel has been posting extremely detailed tutorials on designing fabric using vector art created in free software tools like Inkscape, a new SVG authoring program (shameless plug for SVG, a web technology I worked on years ago).  In fact, she details her complete design process for making the Lion Fabric pictured here.

Many of the principles she discusses like choosing a color palette, considerations about your design before you begin drawing, rotating images to make tiles, etc. are useful regardless of the software design tools you like to use.  

Personally, I’m not so big on trying to calibrate your monitor, or attempting to get a color managed workflow when printing on textiles.  Without ICC profiles, you are kind of stuck.  Even with ICC profiles on common printers, it’s complicated.  Rachel’s experiments sort of prove my point. Though she does end up with the makings of a great color swatch book.  

I’m more inclined to stick with using colors specified in the Spoonflower color palettes for Photoshop, and swatching my designs before printing yardage.  I’ve had very good results so far.