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Susan Else and her Teapot

It was a happy surprise when Susan Else brought a recent commission to our monthly fiber artist’s group show and tell.

Susan Else with a commissioned Teapot

Susan Else with a commissioned Teapot

If you don’t know Susan’s amazing sculpture work, you might be interested to discover an artist who uses quilting techniques in her decidedly non-traditional sculpture work.  The whimsy of Susan’s visual style allows her to take on on serious social issues like mortality, personal intimacy, and family dynamics in a subtle and magical way.  And then sometimes she makes things just for fun.  What is consistent about Susan’s art is its high level of craft and exquisite sewn details.

Exterior detail on Susan Else' commissioned Teapot

Exterior detail on Susan Else’s commissioned Teapot

This commission is part of a series of 3D fiber “Teapots” with a unique scene under the lid.

Detail of Susan Else's exquisite tiger inside the teapot.

Detail of Susan Else’s exquisite tiger inside the teapot.

This particular Teapot is mechanical, and at the request of the collector, was commissioned to have a Tiger pop-up and scare the curious viewer.  When this handsome beast rises from the jungle contained inside the teapot, he makes a fearful roar!

Susan's Tiger jumps up and roars!

Susan’s Tiger jumps up and roars!

Smiles and giggles all around.

Tiger jumps out of Susan Else Teapot

Susan Else Mechanical teapot has a surprise inside

You can see more of Susan’s artwork by visiting her website

Susan’s work was recently  featured in the August 2013 issue of The Quilt Life

Susan will be featured starting October 28, 2013 on The Quilt, an on-line program with Alex Anderson  and Ricky Tims.   Susan’s episode, #1309, will start airing Monday, October 28, 2013.

More photos of Quilt National

My new friend Paula Kovarik just pointed me to a whole bunch of great photos of last weekend’s Quilt National 2013 opening over on Deidre Adams blog.  Somehow Deidre didn’t get a snapshot of me in the crushing crowds of artists’ talks, so here is one of me, with my entry, just to prove I was there.  It was really terrific that so many artists were present for the opening.  I agree with Deirdre that seeing old friends and meeting new ones is the best part of it.

Leslie Bixel  at Quilt National

Leslie Bixel Quilt National 2013 Opening