Instant Gratification-Discharge Dye with SoftScrub


I needed some instant gratification of the fabric kind today. So before sitting down at the sewing machine, I took a big scrap of Kona Black Fabric from my current quilt project out to the picnic table in the back yard. I put on some rubber gloves. I put down a piece of plastic to protect the table.Then I went to town with a bottle of SoftScrub and a foam brush.


Yummy orange and reddish brown color in minutes.  (More reddish than these photos show.) When finished, I plunged the fabric into a bucket of vinegar water to neutralize the bleach. A quick bucket wash and ironed dry.


I think it took longer to photograph the fabric than to create it.

One thought on “Instant Gratification-Discharge Dye with SoftScrub

  1. cherie

    looks awesome leslie! I still think you are scarey brave or nuts to discharge something you spent a million billion hours sewing… I heard a lecture by Frazer and somebody… who did screen prin borders and then a zillion coats of mx to make photo realistic landscapes… they said they always did the borders first so they didn’t wrect the labor intensive hand painting with a mucked up border…


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