Intentionally Imperfect and Unresolved

Conversational Composition Stage Six

Conversational Composition Stage Six

You can read about my design contributions to Terry Jarrard-Dimond’s Compositional Conversation project over here on Terry’s blog today.  The photo above is the “final composition” I mailed off to Fulvia Luciano last Tuesday. Rather than pile-on some additional fabric figures, I ended up really thinking about the formal elements of the composition, and how I might use the existing elements to create support and structure for the eight artists to come.  I found it very difficult not to “resolve” the design, and thus made imperfection and lack of resolution one of my goals.  Not as easy as it sounds.  I hope at least I contributed some structure to the ground.  We’ll see if any of this remains eight weeks down the road.

My experience as an artist participant in the Compositional Conversation project has proven to be much richer than I had expected at the onset of the project.  The hands-on design part was fun of course.  But reading Terry’s blog with the artists’ excellent descriptions of their design processes, conversing with artists and readers via the comments, and having e-mail access to this talented group have given me so much to think about. Great food to bring into the studio and feed my art life.

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