Girl of my dreams

My new Bernina 820 Sewing Computer

Meet Bette.  Bette Bernina.  Otherwise known as my brand new Bernina 820 sewing machine computer.  I don’t usually name inanimate objects.  But this one seems to have a Bette Davis, take no prisoners sort of way about her.  Plus I watch a lot of old movies on TCM while sewing.

Did I mention I’m in love?   And that my dear spouse is off the hook for birthday and anniversary presents for quite some time? I met her at the California State Fair in Sacramento.  It was love at first sight. That long, lovely 12″ arm, that industrial hook, the super sized bobbin, the dual feed…..  How could I resist?

We are still getting to know each other, Bette and I.  But now that I have the threading/tension issues in check thanks to this helpful post, things are going very well.  It’s a fast machine, and I like that.  I’ve been doing a little piecing and experimenting with decorative stitches that I am unlikely to ever use again. Thought I would start slow. Next chance I get I plan to layer up one of the many finished quilt tops that I have hanging around the studio, and put some pedal to the metal.  Vroom.

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