Words are worth a thousand pictures?

The photos on this blog are temporarily unavailable.

Despite my long-held belief that NO software program works really well prior to version 4.0, I rather brazenly went ahead and upgraded to WordPress version 2.7 only a few days following its release. For some reason I expected the upgrade to be a snap, but between me not seeing the instructions where you are told to disable all plug-ins in advance of this upgrade, inadvertently blowing away my old server files without a complete back-up, and making lots of changes to my child theme. Well. I’ve managed to hose the visual editor, the media library, and broken all my photo links. Prowling around the web, I see that I am not alone in some cases, and there may be bugs, plug-in conflicts, etc. not just pilot error. My current theory is that because I did not disable WP-SuperCache prior to install, I have got something stuck in database pergatory.

Anyhow, I’m going to let a bit of time pass before I try to sort out the photo/plug-in/visual editor issues and hope that some solution emerges on the WordPress forums.

Eventually this will be a visual blog. Really!

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